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I am using the Booster/ESSO.  Version number is 2.94 (read from the HTTP header).

I access a Domino server version 7 through the booster.

When I access a regular Domino page like names.nsf, I authenticate and get the expected result.

When I access a servlet on the Domino server from a browser I don't  get what I Expect.

The servlet is supposed to returns XML.

If I access the servlet directly without involving booster, I do get  the expected XML.

If I access the servlet through booster, the browser (MS-IE) displays an error page saying "The XML page cannot be displayed" and "XML document must have a top level element".

I have installed Ethereal on my booster server in order to see what is going on. Here is what I see:

The NTLM-handshaking works fine, and the browser moves on to GET the servlet URL including the LTPA token. 

The servlet returns a package including the HTTP 200 OK status. But this package contains no XML.

After this the booster receives two packages from domino containing "Continuation or non-http traffic"  according to Ethereal. These packages are HTTP packages, and when I look inside the packages, I see the XML that I was expecting to see in my browser.

All in all booster receives three packages from Domino. The HTTP 200 OK and the two Continuation packages.

Here's the puzzle: Booster only forwards the first HTTP 200 OK package to the browser. The two continuation packages are dumped.


Any advice? 

ESSO accessing servlet that returns XML - doesn't forward all http   Jens Bruntt 08.Aug.06
    RE: ESSO accessing servlet that returns XML - doesn't forward all http   Brendon Upson 09.Aug.06
        Works just fine now   Jens Bruntt 09.Aug.06