This usually occurs when the SOAPDesigner and Vortex don't match. The publicly available versions admittedly have a few issues :-/ These have been sorted, but the public download has not yet been updated - we want to squeeze as many updates in as we can between releases. I'll make available some pre-release code available to you.

To upgrade SOAPDesigner:

- In your browser go to
- Click on system/SOAPDesigner
- Go to Application Settings and change the name (or delete it)
- Click File > Import and import a new system~SOAPDesigner.pmx
- The new code will be imported and new widgets automatically started

The above process is the same for all web apps (only trick is the webdesign app - make sure you rename it rather than deleting it!!). We don't currently have the ability to do an "in place" refresh but this is something we (or the OS community :-) ) will probably do down the track. 

java NullPointerException with connecting with Vortex   Anonymous 19.Jun.06
    RE: java NullPointerException with connecting with Vortex   Brendon Upson 20.Jun.06