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I just upgraded to Web Booster 2.93 and I still experience problems with accessing Domino Web Access (Domino Web mail aka iNotes).

Domino is version 7.0.

I am using Web Booster for traffic boosting, not Single signon.

If I access a  Domino Web Access database file from a web browser (MS-IE) that has not accessed the file before, I am unable to install the DWA ActiveX component.


If I access DWA from a client that has the ActiveX component installed, I experience sluggishness. For instance, If I want to use "reply to sender", i takes upt to 5 seconds to load the page. I am on a 100 Mbit network with no users.

If I access DWA directly without the Web Booster doing traffic boosting, the same page will load in just 1-2 seconds.


If I access the Inbox, it takes perhaps 10 seconds to load.

If I load the Inbox directly without the Web Booster, the page will load in 2-3 seconds.


It is not a server having performance issues. RAM and CPU useage is extremely low while I am accessing DWA.


Any suggestions? 

Web Booster 2.93 and Domino Web Access performance issue   Jens Bruntt 04.Mar.06
    No issue with plain Domino web   Jens Bruntt 04.Mar.06
        text/xml compression   Brendon Upson 06.Mar.06
            You're right   Jens Bruntt 07.Mar.06