Yes, that's correct. We show all changes that have gone into the product, so you can see what will be arriving in the next release. Additionally, if there's a fix you absolutely need and see it is in an unreleased version, email us and we'll forward through a copy of the code.

It is also quite likely customers are yet to upgrade to the latest shipping version, so if I know the version being run I can tell easily whether an upgrade to a newer puakma.jar will fix the issue. 

The latest version of Booster will be released shortly.

Booster stripping multipart contents from small (<15k) files   Anonymous 23.Feb.06
    Version?   Brendon Upson 23.Feb.06
        RE: Version?   Anonymous 23.Feb.06
            RE: Version?   Brendon Upson 23.Feb.06
    tell booster debugheaders on   Brendon Upson 23.Feb.06