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I am supporting af configuration using the Web Booster with the NTLMLTPA addin. We are logging in to Domino with the LDAP lookup being done on a Domino 6.5 server.

When one user tries to access the Domino server through the Web Booster, an error is generated on the Puakma Web Booster console:


2005-05-19 09:37:33: (E) Too many name matches for 'gitte'  (SYSTEM - pmaSystem) 


 We have been trying some LDAP lookups ourselves - using the ldapsearch.exe that comes with Lotus Notes. To us it looks like the LDAP lookup that the NTLMLTPA makes is using the asterisk in its search. Searching for 'CN=gitte*'.

It also could be that it does its search in Person Document fields that we do not find relevant.

Please could you tell me about how the LDAP query is being done, and what fields are accessed. And of course I would like to know about any configuration settings that I should use to tweak how the lookups are performed.

NTLMLTPA and name resolution - any tweaks?   Jens Bruntt 30.May.05
    RE: NTLMLTPA and name resolution - any tweaks?   Brendon Upson 31.May.05
        Configuration-solution sounds fine   Jens Bruntt 02.Jun.05
            Exact search   Brendon Upson 02.Jun.05
            WEBSSOSearchAttributes=cn,alias,sn: New functionality added.   Brendon Upson 03.Jun.05
                Works nicely - thanks   Jens Bruntt 14.Jun.05